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研究生 Student Success Stories

Photo of 研究生uate student Sarah Campbell

Measuring School Performance: Looking Beyond Standardized Testing and Scores

A University of Northern Colorado study is reexamining Elliot Eisner's framework for school improvement. The late Stanford professor, who worked in school curriculum and qualitative research, advocated viewing education as an ecosystem of mutual dependence. Sarah Campbell, a student in UNC's Educational Studies Ed.D. 程序, is undertaking the study with Professor Christy McConnell in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences' School of Teacher Education.

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Potrait photo of Ryland Townsend

Industry-Funded 研究 Found CBD Beverage Neither Helped nor Hurt Healthy Adults

Ryland Townsend, a student in the University of Northern Colorado's Sport and Exercise 科学的Ph值. D. – Exercise Physiology 浓度, was a student project lead on CBD-related research. Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. awarded UNC a $250,000 grant to support the study. The placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial investigated whether different doses of a CBD beverage would affect physical or mental health.

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Potrait photo of Sam Waters

Statistical Literacy 研究 to Benefit 学生 in Introductory Courses

A five-year stint in student affairs attuned Sam Waters to first- and second-year college students' needs. Now he's exploring early college students' statistical literacy as part of his University of Northern Colorado's Mathematics Education Ph.D. 程序 论文.

Statistical literacy — the ability to read and interpret numeric information as presented in tables, graphs and text — is key to comprehension. Waters' research will help gauge how well students in introductory statistics courses understand what they're learning outside typical classroom applications.

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Photo of 研究生uate student Betsey Hubbard.

It's Time to Level the Playing Field, Student 研究er Says

According to the U.S. Census, some 42.5 million Americans — about 13 percent of the population — had a disability in 2021. Like many of them, Betsey Hubbard has non-apparent 残疾的人. A student in the University of Northern Colorado's Sport and Exercise 科学的Ph值.D. – Sport Administration 浓度 程序, Hubbard is researching adaptive sports and recreation.

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  • More 研究生 Student Success Stories

    研究 on Culturally Appropriate Music Plays Out In Middle School Band Class
    Victoria DiMarzio, 音乐米.M. – Music Education 浓度
    读 Victoria's story

    Acclaimed Artist and Performer Represents Spirit of the Times in Race-Related Dissertation
    爱德华·W. 哈代, 音乐D.A. – Music Performance 浓度
    读 Edward's story

    Creating Better Educational 结果 for Children with Visual Disorder
    Emily Cantillon, Special Education Ph.D.
    读 Emily's story

    Student Explores Misconceptions 皇冠app安卓下载安装 Burnout in New 研究
    阿里•瑞安 School Psychology Ph.D.
    读 Ali's story

    Audiology Student 研究es Security Vulnerabilities in Hearing Aids
    凯蒂·金 听力学盟.D.
    读 Katie's story

    Doctoral Student Develops Groundbreaking Theory 皇冠app安卓下载安装 Chopin
    Jessica Castleberry, 音乐D.A. – Music History and Literature
    读 Jessica's story

    Student 研究 Suggests Achievement Emotions May Hold Key to Academic Success
    亚历克斯的坟墓, Chemical Education Ph.D.
    读 Alex's story

    Biological Sciences Master's Student 研究 Could Lead to Improvements in Liver Disease 结果
    Raznin乔利, Biological Sciences M.S. – Thesis 浓度
    读 Raznin's story

    Student’s 研究 Aims to Shed Light on Invisible Barriers
    艾莉泰特, Rehabilitation Counseling M.A.
    读 Allie's story

    Language Teacher Turns Card Games into Problem-Solving Lesson
    WeiHsuan瞧, Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy Ph.D. (now Educational Technology Ph.D.)
    读 WeiHsuan's story

    Doctoral Student’s Love for Music Inspires 研究
    迈克·克利里 音乐D.A. — Conducting 浓度
    读 Mike's story

    Doctoral Student Aims to Improve Preschool Inclusion in Rural Kansas
    莉娜Kisner, Special Education Ph.D.
    读 Lena's story

    Doctoral Student Studies Pandemic-era Anxiety, Depression and Resiliency
    Kimberly Crystal Monroe, Educational Psychology Ph.D.
    读 Kimberly's story

    Social Emotional Learning Drives Doctoral Student’s 研究 
    安吉Keedy, 音乐D.A. — Music Education 浓度
    读 Angie's story

    研究生 Student Leverages the Power of Play to Support Kids’ Health
    Danielle Belcher, Sport and Exercise Science M.S. – Social Psychology of Sport 和Ph值ysical Activity 浓度
    读 Danielle's story

    Doctoral Candidate Probes COVID’s Impact on Special Education
    Vanessa Giddings, Educational 领导 Ed.D.
    读 Vanessa's story

    英语米aster’s Student Explores Clowns and Community in ‘Godspell’
    Karsen Gromm, 英语米.A.
    读 Karsen's story

    Student's 研究 Reveals Risk of Noise Exposure at Hockey Games
    肖恩·Hoverson 听力学盟.D.
    读 Sean's story

    Student's Award-Winning 研究 Could Influence Future of Sports Marketing
    Alicia Romano, Sport and Exercise 科学的Ph值.D. – Sport Administration 浓度
    读 Alicia's story

    Dissertation Examines Maya Education in Postcolonial Belize
    詹妮佩蒂特, Educational Studies Ed.D.
    读 Jenny's story

    研究生’s Psychological 安全 Study Could Change Nursing Education
    Melissa Anozie, Nursing Education Ph.D.
    读 Melissa's story

    Applied Statistics and 研究 Methods 研究生 Uses Data Science to Improve Victim 结果
    Idilio Moncivais, Applied Statistics and 研究 Methods M.S. 和Ph值.D.
    读 Idilio's story

    Dissertation Fellowship Supports Student’s Cancer 研究
    Lea Haverbeck Simon, Sport and Exercise 科学的Ph值.D. – Exercise Physiology 浓度
    读 Lea's story

    Criminal Justice Master’s Student Honored with Dean’s Citation for Excellence
    Naya Russell-Coprich, Criminology and Criminal Justice M.A.

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